Our Client’s Success
is Our Success

4,000 Brand Responses Per Quarter

For one international brand with a multitude of social channels across different platforms and billions of daily active users, Social Factor provides coverage across as many as 20 unique channels each day. On the brand’s most active Facebook Page alone, Social Factor reviews more than 200,000 public comments and publishes more than 4,000 responses each quarter. Through ongoing syncs with agency partners and the brand’s communication teams, Social Factor provides timely discussions around analysis and implications of audience conversations to support the brand’s strategy moving forward

1,400% Increase in Monthly Online Leads

A family-owned industrial equipment supplier with a 60-year history needed to complete a digital transformation. Following an executive transition, an acquisition of another equipment supplier, and a complete website redesign, the company’s new CEO needed a strategic digital partner to help increase sale sales and digitize the company’s business development to remain competitive in the marketplace. Through a multi-channel digital program that included social content, a variety of digital media, SEO, and marketing automation, Social Factor grew the company’s social following by more than three times, drove more than 75 percent of its website traffic, and increased monthly online lead capture by approximately 1,400 percent.

1,000% Increase in Twitter Followers

A leader in the global technology industry needed to increase the online visibility for several of its key executives in order to elevate the brand’s thought leadership. Social Factor developed and implemented custom social media strategies for each executive on Twitter and LinkedIn with weekly content calendars, daily audience moderation and influencer engagement. In less than six months, one executive saw a 1,000 percent increase in Twitter followers and was named one of the 15 Top Software and Tech Execs to Follow on Twitter by a major technology publication. Across all the executives, Social Factor generated over 300,000 impressions, 5,000 engagements and 700 link clicks. By exceeding client expectations, Social Factor was entrusted with the social media management of additional key executives.

30% Increase in Student Applications

After experiencing a negative trend in accepted student enrollment, Social Factor was brought in to support the efforts of a higher education university, in partnership with a fellow agency, to drive prospective student engagement through a highly targeted marketing campaign. Social Factor developed a custom paid social media strategy utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to compliment the partner agency’s traditional advertising efforts. Social Factor’s campaigns generated more than 3.3 million impressions and 26,000 link clicks to a dedicated landing page for prospective students. The university reported a 30% increase in student application the fall semester following the campaign.

5.3% Email Click-Through Rate

An environmentally-friendly non-profit needed to generate awareness and increase donations, but past email newsletters had fallen on deaf ears. With a catchy headline and compelling newsletter content, Social Factor drove industry-leading email open and click through rates — 34 percent (66 percent above industry average) and 5.3 percent (130 percent above industry average) respectively, resulting in a 72 percent increase in website traffic.

538% Return on Ad Spend

A large, family-friendly entertainment venue needed to sell summer tickets – and fast. Through highly-targeted Facebook and Google pay-per-click ads, we were able to drive five million online impressions, 100,000 website visits and, most importantly, a 538% return on ad spend.

8 Million Impressions

When a financial services giant spun off a line of businesses, Social Factor was brought in to educate and generate leads from a highly targeted group of professionals. Using a combination of paid search, display, direct site placements and paid social, Social Factor delivered over eight million impressions, 40 percent of website traffic, and hundreds of qualified leads.

8,800 Social Ambassadors

One of America’s newest and most anticipated museums was in the final stretch of fundraising before opening day. After building a custom digital strategy, we used organic social content, social media advertising, influencer outreach and an online ambassador program to help drive $300,000 in donations and 8,800 social ambassador sign-ups. Thirty-five percent of total donation web traffic came from social.