From powerful community growth to awe-inspiring return on investment, we’re proud of the results we’ve achieved for our clients.

222% Increase in Followers

In just 90 days, using a targeted mix of content and paid advertising, we delivered a 222 percent increase in Twitter followers and a 3,219 percent increase in impressions for a leading technology influencer seeking to build his social media presence and thought leadership.

307 Brand Responses in One Day

Social Factor provides up-to-the-minute social care to a behemoth in the social networking world. When the brand published a much-anticipated post, it garnered immediate engagement from the brand’s 59 million-person community. Over the course of seven hours, Social Factor crafted 307 personalized, carefully constructed messages on the brand’s behalf.

Decreased Cost per Action by 92%

Traditional advertising in the form of billboards and print advertising weren’t cutting it for this government agency seeking new recruits. Using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ads, Social Factor drove 6.2 million online impressions, surpassing the client’s goal of 1.5 million and generating 4,105 website clicks and 452 job applications. This resulted in a cost-per-recruit of $84 – down a whopping 92 percent from the previous cost-per-recruit of $1,000.

5.3% Email Click-Through Rate

An environmentally-friendly non-profit needed to generate awareness and increase donations, but past email newsletters had fallen on deaf ears. With a catchy headline and compelling newsletter content, Social Factor drove industry-leading email open and click through rates — 34 percent (66 percent above industry average) and 5.3 percent (130 percent above industry average) respectively, resulting in a 72 percent increase in website traffic.

538% Return on Ad Spend

A large, family-friendly entertainment venue needed to sell summer tickets – and fast. Through highly-targeted Facebook and Google pay-per-click ads, we were able to drive five million online impressions, 100,000 website visits and, most importantly, a 538% return on ad spend.

8 Million Impressions

When a financial services giant spun off a line of businesses, Social Factor was brought in to educate and generate leads from a highly targeted group of professionals. Using a combination of paid search, display, direct site placements and paid social, Social Factor delivered over eight million impressions, 40 percent of website traffic, and hundreds of qualified leads.

8,800 Social Ambassadors

One of America’s newest and most anticipated museums was in the final stretch of fundraising before opening day. After building a custom digital strategy, we used organic social content, social media advertising, influencer outreach and an online ambassador program to help drive $300,000 in donations and 8,800 social ambassador sign-ups. Thirty-five percent of total donation web traffic came from social.